A.O.H:Li Ching-Yuen And The Azoth Diet

The azoth diet is a diet practiced by alchemist. It is a socially responsible, and planet-friendly diet that consists of 1500-2000 calories a day. Avoiding meat is not so much because we feel eating meat is evil but because of the strain that we put on the planet from our massive meat consumption. Animals are often bred in horrific circumstances. The azoth diet is also a very seasonal diet as well. You would only eat meat for one season a year. Winter= grounding, eat meat stored from summer months, this should be the only time one should eat meat of the variety caught or farmed. Spring- Rebirth,Should be the time that one is eating a green based diet. Which would include natural herbs gardened or wild, and fruit. Summer- Light up. Extensive fruit diet. Legumes, nuts, Fall- Descend- Go to the ground for food, mushrooms, truffle, yams, potatoes.If you are new to eating correctly I would say you should try to go the mostly purely akaline root for a year or two to clean your system out before attempting this more balanced diet. Biography Some claim that Li Ching-Yuen was born in 1677 in Qi Jiang Xian, Szechuan province.[citation needed] In a 1930 New York Times article, Professor Wu Chung-chieh of the Chengdu University discovered Imperial Chinese government records from 1827, congratulating one Li Ching-Yuen on his 150th birthday,[1] and further documents later congratulating him on his 200th birthday in 1877. In 1928, a New York Times correspondent wrote that many of the old men in Li's neighborhood asserted that their grandfathers knew him when they were boys, and that he at that time was a grown man.[2]He began gathering herbs in the mountain ranges at the age of ten, and also began learning of longevity methods, surviving on a diet of herbs and rice wine. He lived this way for the first 40 years of his life. In 1749, when he was 71 years old, he moved to Kai Xian to join the Chinese army as a teacher of the martial arts and as a tactical advisor. One of his disciples, the Taijiquan Master Da Liu told of Master Li's story: at 130 years old Master Li encountered an older hermit, over 500 years old, in the mountains who taught him Baguazhang and a set of Qigong with breathing instructions, movements training coordinated with specific sounds, and dietary recommendations. Da Liu reports that his master said that his longevity "is due to the fact that I performed the exercises every day - regularly, correctly, and with sincerity - for 120 years."[3] Returning home, he died a year later, some say of natural causes; others claim that he told friends that "I have done all I have to do in this world. I will now go home." After Li's death, General Yang Sen investigated the truth about his claimed background and age and wrote a report about his findings that was later published. He worked as a herbalist, selling lingzhi, goji berry, wild ginseng, he shou wu and gotu kola along with other Chinese herbs.[4] Li had also supposedly produced over 200 descendants during his life span, surviving 23 wives. Ching-Yuen lived off a diet of herbs and rice wine including lingzhi, goji berry, wild ginseng, he shou wu and gotu kola.
Posted on March 2, 2013 .