Does Money Stop You From Being Spiritual

During one of my early trips to Thailand I was having lunch at a friend’s restaurant, where I met this spiritually grounded yet wealthy man. In conversation I found out that this C.E.O. of a multi-million dollar business was once a Buddhist monk.  Still very western in my ways at the time, I was astounded. This where I found out in Thai culture it is very common for a man to be a monk for sometime then go back to a regular life. This is where I first realized spirituality and material gain are not mutually exclusive.

We are conditioned to believe that those who are spiritual in the metaphysical sense tend to struggle with their monetary life. Some actually embrace it, claiming money is evil or that they don’t need it. Even taking pride in being poor or not having money. What these people don’t realize is that when you have this mentality you are actually playing into the hands of the matrix. Why? Because denying an obvious fact of your existence is not really the way to achieve true knowledge. These are new days and the actual laws of nature and physics are changing. With that shift comes a shift in the universal mentality. So what am I saying? That in the times we live in today in order to truly escape the matrix not only do you need the spiritual knowledge to surpass it but you need knowledge of the physical to survive it and get through it. Basically what I am saying is you cannot escape the matrix when your physical life is oppressed by it. That is one of the keys that the powers that be use to keep you trapped where you are.

Let’s take Siris King himself for example. Now Siris does not claim to be rich by any means and we all know of his spiritually prowess, yet he travels the world regularly and has been doing for years.  How is he able to make this possible? Siris King has mastered both sides. Siris knows having money to do things does stop your spiritual transformation by any means. The money can actually help in so many ways, from purchasing books to traveling to some spiritually rooted places to learn and grow.

Understandably many people associate money with greed and rightfully so. The capitalist society we live in has created countless atrocities in search of making a profit. That being said; having money does not mean you have consist of the same greed. Use money as a shield to help you survive in the capitalist society you live in. Then use it as a weapon to buy what you need to advance yourself in your spiritual growth. Mentalities need to change and we all need to wake up to the reality that exists around us. Not to be insensitive, but there is no more time for excuses as to why things are not happening , because the universe is changing and is not going to wait for you to catch up.

-Hec Martinez

Posted on January 12, 2011 .