Evolution and Letting Go


The last couple of days I have been going through some spiritual evolution and aligning myself with my higher self and/or purpose. In the mist of doing this, I noticed that I had to let go of certain friends  who do not match my sense of growth. At first, I felt really bad about doing this, but now I understand it's apart of the plan.


I have come to conclusion that 'letting go' is part of the purpose. We do not have to continue entertaining people who are no longer healthy for us and do not agree with our upgraded views and visions. Now I'm not referring to the people who do not understand your evolution and may not accept it through ignorance. That's okay and can be changed. I am referring to the people who intentionally try to created disharmony in your growth consciously or subconsciously due to the fact that they are mischievously wishing you bad luck/energy.


These friends can be dangerous because while they smile in your face, they really desire to see you fail. We all have these people in our life in one way or another and I noticed their intentions are usually rooted incompetition, envy, and perhaps jealousy. At first, I would get upset and try to confront their intentions, but now I realize it's much more noble and wiser to keep following your path or growth while not giving these people what they want- confrontation and/or attention.


If we were to really look at these people their competition nature is usually rooted in their inner insecurity that causes them to react this way. Although their insecurity is targeted at us emotionally, we can not resolve their issues for them and we can't change or heal them. We can only control ourselves and we should focus more on not fueling their anger with fire (negative emotions). So although we see their intentions for what it is, it's better to take the higher road and disarm them by not reacting and if necessary 'letting go' of these people from our lives.


By Makalesi Rodan

Posted on January 23, 2011 .