How to incorporate the Gods and Goddesses into your life by Esrene


A lot of us do not realise how important it is that we give energy to the gods and goddesses. It is especially encouraged to give energy to those that are in your DNA as they will act as a guide or protector on your journey. There are some people who have DNA that is conflicting and though this may sound like a bad thing it doesn't have to be because they have the opportunity to access a variety of deities they may have struggled to access before in previous lives. Since they're DNA is conflicting it may prove difficult at 1st for that individual to feel connected to certain deities because they may feel more connected to another tribe that is at war with the particular deity they are trying to contact. The best example I can use here is the Limaites and the Neteru. If a person who was cosmically part of the Limaite tribe came here and had an experience in a body with a blood line more connected to the Orishas, then that person is more than likely going to have conflicting DNA, which is like an internal war within because of the cosmic history. They may find it easier to connect with the Hindus or Mahavidiyas than the Orisha. Though this is the case it is advised they build a relationship with the Orishas first so they are able to create peace within. (For more information check out videos on the Saneemites, Limaites, Neturu here @ Siris King)

The 1st step to creating peace within your innerverse would be initially to start the basic alchemy lesson 1. Then you should find out your celestrial DNA, which would aid as a jump start to finding out the easiest deities for you to access. At this early stage it is advised to study them, preferably on their favourite days, so that you can learn their characteristics and the areas in your life they will be able to support you. As you will find there is one deity amongst each tribe that gives you access to the gods and goddesses, that is the gate keeper. You will have to build a relationship with this being as they are very crucial in getting you access to your ancestors. To name a few Elegua, Ganesha, Sobek. Once you are more familiar with the gods/goddess. Then it is time to send them energy on a regular basis and there are many ways to do this.

But first please note that if you have conflicting DNA because of your Earth DNA and Cosmic DNA, then it is best to start work with you earth ancestors. One of the reasons for this is that if you start work on your cosmic counterparts you may find it very difficult to connect with your Earth DNA as your cosmic DNA has the power to override it. This may sound like a resolution to those who find putting in the work rather difficult, but the purpose of you using a body that would be at war with its cosmic self was not by chance. It is important that you learn to fuse these two energies in this life time as there is a greater purpose that you are yet to discover.

You can research your chosen deity on their day, but remember to acknowledge the gate keeper 1st. If you have been researching them for a while now and want more then you can light a candle for them (you can use a white candle or their favourite colour) and tallk to that energy expressing how you appreciate their help and how they can help assist you further. Talk to them as though they are you. You can also use water to contact them too. If you want to keep it simple with water, pour a glass of water for them and again communicate with the element as though it is the deity  and like you are talking to yourself. 

For those who want to take it further and have a creative edge there are many ways you can incorporate them into your artistic pieces. For creative writers may I suggest adding them to your stories, scripts, poetry etc. For musicians dedicating a piece to them, it may not be an entire song, it could just be a few lyrics in a song or the beat could be for them. For artist who draw and paint etc, you could draw them in a painting, or add them to your animation or even dedicate an entire picture to them. So there are many ways you can give the gods/goddesses energy and they will love you for it. What you may find, for those who use creativity to acknowledge them, is that they may channel you during that period while you are accessing their energy. So you may be a script writer and find that your character has so much depth all because you accessed a deity and they was able to channel you to put their essence into your work.

There are other ways that you may discover for contacting your ancestors but this is a simple way for you to contact them, especially if you are not familiar with how the spiritual world works.

Enjoy...your ancestors are waiting to hear from you!

Posted on May 3, 2011 .