Law Of Attraction by Louis Smith

You have too think of Creation Not by a Big Bang But more naturally has a flower grows from a seed. The law of Creation is : As Above So below. This Clearly States anything above the head is below the foot. " Everything is just Different Sizes." In Order for one to understand the laws of attraction you would have to understand Khemistry. This is the basics Understand how Atoms combine too form Compounds. This would be Considered the MAGNETIC law of attraction.. Compounds are thing like, Water, Air, fake Nails, Rocks, jello, and Gold Teeth. This List Goes on. These are all Made up of Atoms combining or Compounding with each other according to the two basic laws of attraction call the first and second Law of Attraction.

in the Periodic Table of Elements Modern Scientist Added, Artificial elements to make up Their Versions. non Man made elements are the basic natural elements that occur naturally. Modern scientist are well known for taking the simplest things and making them complicated than they already exist to be. 

Atoms are Like Solar System's of the previous Universe. each Solar System has Planets circling around a Sun. Each Sun has 1 Planet, 2, 3, and so on Even up too 100 Planets Circling around. This would Break Down too 100 different Solar System now on Earth. Now you have too Remember you have 100 basic Elements that make up everything. " Everything Connects:).

The First law of Magnetic Attraction attracts the star systems of the same type to each other. That is, Type one stars of the same type are attracted too each other. That is, Type 1 stars are attracted too other T-1 stars, and it goes as well has Type 2 stars being attracted too other type 2 stars and so fourth. Towards the End of the universe, the star systems move thought space over a period of a Trillion years until they find each other and Group together has clusters. this is the Same Process our Internal Cells go threw in our bodies. Those one planet form clusters that are described by modern scientist as having a nucleus and one electron or the Sun and one single planet. When trillion of these star systems cluster together they form a natural element hydrogen. There are more Planets to form magnetic bonds, so they'll be held together more strongly. Not only that, they will be packed close together, and they will be much heavier. Iron gold, and other heavy metals will sink into the new earth, while hydrogen, oxygen and other gasses will float on top, forming water and the atmosphere. The Gasses are much Lighter and loosely bonded, due to the fewer number of planets, while the metals are much heavier with stronger bonds due to the large number of planets in their star systems. (Atoms)

This all happens because the first Magnetic law of Attraction Attracts LIKE to LIKE. (Positive)

The Second Law of Magnetic Attraction Attracts too UNLIKE to UNLIKE. (Negative)

Star System are also attracted to those unlike them, those having a different number of planets, and they form what are called molecules. A Molecule is made up of two or more star systems, and many molecules cluster together too form compounds.

P.S. All of this taking place in the Universe and inner-universe at the same time, It has the same effect on us liking that special someone in our lives :) 
Another Simple Example this is Real. You have your Brain. The Outer Regions, the Inner Regions, and then you have the all important Center. the Earth is in the Same Fashion, Outer Inner Center. a Solar System Consisting of 1 sun and Two Planets..

Posted on June 22, 2011 .