Life and Death 101 by Erik Inglada

Literally, everyday from now until we leave this planet the decisions we make are determining wheather we live and get to explore the new world in the new cycle of life or wheather we die, lose all of our experiences, and start over here or somewhere else. We have to understand that everything is best understood from an energy stand point because ever...ything is energy, so if we apply this to the things we are all experiencing in life right now or have experienced we will be able to see that the energy around us is affecting us just as much as we are affecting it, but the difference between life and death is how much you can understand the energy around you.

So things like being egotistical, fearful, doubtful, hateful, lustful, miserable, confused, ashamed, and worried etc etc etc..(basically being too emotional, are all things that are blocking us from understanding the energy in our environments (even things like being too positive and open to everything can cause a problem but they wont cause blockages they will just make you an easy target for negetivity). When we are blocked we wont be able to make the right decisions inorder to ensure our survival as any situation can mean life or death in these times. So proper energy work (things like breathing excercises, getting intune with nature/plants/animal spirits, ancestors and even things like internal alchemy that will help with controling your emotions) are all things we should include in our daily routine because it these are tools that will help us get through our day and life because they increase our energy.

When we actually start to incorporate these things into our lives, if done properly and with the fullest intent, we will start to notice a change internally in the way we see and experience our worlds. You will actually start to be able to feel everything around you and will know things that you would have normally been unaware of because thats what increasing your energy does, it makes you more of a magnet for the energy around you because you will be able to preceive it and influence your world. But this also makes you more of a target for the matrix or this thing we call life because inorder for it to exist it must keep people on a lower vibration or at least attempt to lower your vibration by sending you negative energy whether through people or situations you experience.

That is why this means life or death, when you can preceive it (the energy around you wheather positive or negative) and are in control of your own energy it naturally wont be able to affect you as much unless you choose to submit to it. Sure it can be hard at times because the matrix knows your weaknesses but with the proper protection and state of mind plus a will to fully understand your situation you can easily overcome these things and make the right decisions to propel your life in the right direction because remember through these challenges and crossroads we gain more energy for the next challenge. But if we are not able to preceive it are are imbalanced in our mannerisms and emotions we may make a decision that will cause us to lower our vibration and eventually just make us a victim of our own self inflicted pain (this can be things ranging from just giving us up on life to actually going crazy and killing ourselves because yes the matrix wants to keep the vibrations low so whatever it needs to do to influence that it will). So ultimately what I want you all to understand is that this is not a game, it may be a school and we we may all be here to learn but if you take things lightly you will loose your footing and fall, and then eventually you wont be able to get back up anymore. What I mean is that there are forces that will come after you no matter how much you have increased your energy and no matter how much you can understand you will always be challenged and things will never be made easy for you, but that is why you must keep your energy up as high as you possibly can because as long as you do there is a strong chance you will continue to survive. Peace & Good luck.

Posted on November 2, 2011 .