Move the Body; Ignite the Soul by Carlton Davenport

The art of dance in this physical dimension is vast, intriguing, and powerful.  Dance and body mechanics for that matter act as yet another powerful mode of communication much more powerful and direct often times than spoken language. The tapping of the foot to earth to a rhythm sends a vibration back upwards and through our bio structure.  The movement of the shoulders, the hip rotation, the drop step, the spin of the torso and so much more compel the energy centers inside of us to pulse with energy and take on a life of their own. 

There is a method to the rhythm though.  Beyond the entertainment aspect, from I would venture to guess the time in which we came to inhabit these bodies, dance has been used by various cultures to convey events.  Childbirths, deaths, thanksgiving for harvest, elemental communication, communion with the deities/spirits and possession and of course,  warfare...the coming of battle.  There is a plethora of information on the martial aspect of dance available (i.e. Capoeira from Brasil, yes I meant to spell it like that, the Monkey Dance from Indonesia as well as dances from peoples of the Americas and Africa and their tie-ins to warrior traditions). I encourage anyone to take a look at the Whirling Dervishes.  If any of you have participated in the Tibetan Five Rites, the first rite will give you a glimpse into that as it serves to speed up the chakras.  An African Baba shared with me years ago that the dance we now know as Poppin and Lockin was an ancient motion that was used along with other holistic practices to expel illness out of the organs by way of shifting the body and sending "it" to the shoulder, then the elbow, then the wrist and out the fingers out of the body.

It goes beyond us as the deities themselves were known to have engaged in dance.  It was said that the great Mahavidya Kali had a war dance so ferocious, energetic and destructive that the firmament trembled and it took her consort Shiva diving in front of her to stop.  Speaking of Kali and Shiva or other couples for that matter, the sensuality and high sexual vibration suggested by hypnotic dance motion is not lost upon the writer.  Although commercialized today, there is a powerfully high spiritual aspect to suggestive dance leading to sexual coupling which is a dance onto itself.

In this network, we speak of things which are powerful, spiritual, and practical, internally and externally.  My purpose for mentioning dance is simply to say that while dancing may seem mundane or even  natural to some, it has divine aspects.  I encourage anyone who does yoga asanas to move from one to another to another with a more  rhythmic pace to see how you feel.  I encourage anyone who does any Qigong standing forms like Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Xingyi etc to "jazz it up" every so often, let it flow.  People don't sleep on the Celtic and Scottish line dancing and what's involved with that.  We already know the energy behind the dances from Latin America and the Caribbean. I also encourage everyone  sometime during their morning ritual to rotate the neck, wind the hips and roll the body ala Michael Jackson from the Beat it video and see how you feel.  I'm no professional dancer, I wouldn't consider myself a great one but I know the power of movement and I'm sure you all do too.
Carlton Davenport


Posted on February 2, 2011 .