Oneness by Louis Smith


GODS-Minds-Nothingness. These are the Amounts of people on this Plane it will take too Create the Next universe. We will begin too look at how Each and every one of these people will make up the Mindset of GOD. GOD is just a Thoughtness Entity, Only Given power when the Thought is Giving Too Itself. This Goes into place the same way, has the FrankenStein Story or Putting a Battery Into a RC car too make it work..I.E The Battery being the Mindset and the Car Itsef, being the mindset of GOD. This Scacred Number 1Bill-8Mil; For the Creators of the last universe was the same number. Therefore with the last group they are the GOD's we Worship, pay homage too today. All life Originates from God at the Beginnina of the universe, and is taken back by him at the end. He takes it back be the act of Divine unity. Divine Unity is a State of mind where you unite your Consciouness with all that exists. All existence is in God's Imagination. The universe is the Divine Dream of GOD. When you enter the state of Divine Unity you discover to you amazement that you are teh dreamer, as is everyone who is united with you. You are They and they are you in the most real Sense. All is oness at that moment. At the end of the Universe, all people reach this state of oneness simultaneously, and the universe comes too an end. This is Like A person in this Living Life, waking up from sleeping. Divine Unity, or being one with god, is the purpose of the Universe. The purpose if achevied in stages by taking part in the Rituals Designed for it. I believe these Rituals, are the Magical acts, ancestrial Rites, Given too Us By the Ancestors of the Past. So Too Come too This Conclusion. And As I always thought too myself. What if i wake up Right now From this Age of being 29 year's old, staying in georgia Working for a Airline. And Im at the Age of 5 still Living in the Bahamas??? Iv'e been wondering that for YEARS. Iv'e Come too Overstand that YES, Infact this is a Dream that GOD is Having. Or The billion 8million that makes up the Oness of Gods Mind too Create This Life we Live in Today. It is really Exciting too Know this and Most Definatly Understand it..


(The 24 Elders Each Rule for about 25,000 Years. After 700,000 all of them have ruled and they reset history for another 700,000 years. This is 

accompanied by a Cleansing of the earth that involves major Cataclysms that Completley rearrange the Continents.)

This is a Cool thing cause, Each Age is Approximitly 25,000 Years. And with the Age of Picses Coming too a Close, we are seeing Everything Happening in our Time Frame. When we Talk about the Aeons, From the Hindu Perspective. Its resembles the Same thing. The Buddism Text refer too them has a kalpa.

A Kalpa (Aeon) would Exist 4.32 Billion Years
" Ayu-Kalpa: This is a Variable Timespan representing the Life Expecting of a human Being in a Particular Era.

"Antah-Kalpa - time taken for one Ayu-Kalpa to grow from 10 years up to one Asankya and back to 10 years. Ending of one Antah-Kalpa (or mass-extinction) 

can happen in three ways where majority of the human population gets extinct:

1.Sashthrantha-Kalpa - Mass extinction by wars.
2.Durbhikshantha-Kalpa - Mass extinction by hunger.
3.Rogantha-Kalpa - Mass extinction by plague.

Asankya-Kalpa - time span of 20 Antah-Kalpas. One is equivalent to a quarter of Maha-Kalpa.

Maha-Kalpa - largest time unit in Buddhism. Ending of a Maha-Kalpa (apocalypse) can happen in three ways: fire, water and wind. It is divided into four quarters each equivalent to one Asankya-Kalpa.

1.First quarter - time taken for this world to form.
2.Second quarter - stable duration of this world where all living beings can thrive.
3.Third quarter - time taken for this world to be destroyed.
4.Fourth quarter - empty time period.

Right now we are in the Third Quarter. Once again has we can see the Natural Envorment being Unstable around us..Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Inclement Weather. Now the Christinites would call this Something Different..LoL The Birth Pangs of the Lord, jesus is Coming back Bible Profecy Etc. Blah Blah.. Clearly you can see, that there were more Deaths by The antah-Kalpa Set than anything elese. Wars, hunger, You name it. Its Around us. but it is Time for the Mother too Give Birth now. And you know its always a Good thing. The 24 Elders that Rule This Earth is resetting the Globe, And Starting Fresh. Hence Fourth You have that Term" new Heaven and New Earth" yes the Bible has some Secret Truths. But the Silly Christainites always read the same Damn Passages " He-ka-la-bo-bo-bo-bo-Shat-TA And Jesussssss Saidddd!!. So every 700,000 Years the earth Expierences a Complete Overhaul of its Continents, at this Time the 24 elders reign ends.

Back too the 24 Elders..

While today you have the Rosicrutions, Free Masons and other societies who Practices Knowledge up too the 33rd or even too the 36th degree. There are another 360 degrees, Practiced by 12 modern Black tribes Today. There are grand Total of 49,000 Degrees Of Knowledge Held in abeyance in the custody of the 24 Elders until the End of Time. LOL Funny too know that you have those mason out there, Especially, who Choose too Flash thiere Mason Logo in jewlery, Lisence Plates Stickers and all that stuff..yeah its Cool but Sheesh..No need for the Flashy Attire at all. Just take heed in what you have Learned. its only 33 Degrees..I mean Can you Imagine Knowing all 360, even up too 49,000 Degrees of Knowledge??Man If you know all of this..You probably 
can Blow the Sun up...The Billion-8Million All WithDrew from the Divine Unity Except 24 People, 12 men and 12 Women. Then Became the Kings and Queens Called the 24 Elders, who are really 12 God or 12 Soul Mate Couples. The 24 Elders are called the Custodians of Divine Unity. The 12 Gods Chose 12 Assistants each Called them the 144 Chiefs. The Gods Divided the Population into 12 Tribes of 84 Million People. The Further Divided Each tribe into 6 
Clans and set 2 Cheifs, a man and Woman, as the Heads of Each Clan. The Chiefs Chose 1,000 People each and called them the 144,000 Judges. They Sent them in soul mate pairs all over the earth too set the foundation for 72,000 cities. each couple took about 14,000 people with them too establish their city. This was the Basic orginazation of the Black nation established by the gods on the First earth. When other earths were completed and settlers sent 
to them, This organization was repeated and remains as teh divine form of Kingdom/Queendom on evey inhabited Earth in the Universe. Yes People, There are Other earths In This Universe. I think the Closest Star From the point of Our Sun is About 75,billion Miles. That Sun that is Closest Too our Sun inhabits This Solar System as well. This System Could have one, two, or maybe 10, planet orbiting around it'self. and the Closest star Too that Point I believe would be the Same Set of Miles away. With that SUn haveing a Solar System as well with maybe 2 planets..Each Solar System Could have up too 100 planet orbiting around it's Sun. So we are not the Only Solar System in this Area. The Blackness of Space Gives the Illusion of stars being Close together as we see it. One Example of a Working Universe is too look at a Atom. The Atom is Represented has a solar system with the electrons has the Planets Orbiting it. As well as the Protons being the Sun. Some Atoms Have one Planet, some have 2, 3, 58. " well you get the Picture!" What makes up them Atoms, is Another Set of Atoms, and it is the same process. And in those Atoms that make up the atoms atoms, is the SAme atoms that makes up the Big atoms. The Big ass Atoms we see with our Naked eye is the Solar System. And whats outseide our Solar system is the Same thing..ATOMS. 

And that whats U call BOOMOLOGY!!!!


Posted on June 13, 2011 .