PTism, Survival Skils and Taking Your Life Back


Ptism is a term not really known to the every day man. It can be known as being a permanent tourist/permanent travel where you basically live mobilized. If done correctly one can remain almost invisible to the authorities or at least more invisible then the common man.  Most Pt's have ties to many different countries and in a sense a PT is living like James bond or Jason Bourne without anyone knowing they are living like James Bones Or Jason Bourne. See most people are easy to trace. One country, one nationality, lack of knowledge of how intelligence agencies trace them or even how they work. Most people assume the government is on their side, most people assume corporations only want to make money. What the average person does not realize is corporations and governments have been or making preparations to take complete control of the populations for years now. As in western europe and america especially the elites have been weakening the middle class for years.  It is easy for them to do that because most people only have one country. They only have one option, interesting because most of the really powerful elites have more then one country to choose from. Globalists look at the whole planet as their play ground.


So when the average person is going up against a machine like that(TGE-the global elite) it is hard for them to compete. Because people usually put all their eggs in one basket. Now when you have governments and corporations(banks) breaking laws taking peoples liberties away the problem will only get worse. With the patriotic act the united states government could put someone in jail label them a terrorist and then would not have to notify their family or friends, they can legally make that person disappear off the face of the earth.  Yet you still have people waiting for the new world order. The reality is the system is crumbling and most do not know what is going to happen. There are so many things hidden from the general population alot more then people realize.  The best thing one can do to survive is to be flexible.  Survival skills seems like a foreign concept to most people. What exactly is survival skills. Is it only being able to fight or defend yourself? Not at all survival skills is being able to survive. So when you can only suvive working a 9-5, or you can only live in a city environment, you can only live in one country, you cannot live without electricity, hot water, you never thought of growing your own food etc then you basically get an F in the survival   skill report card.  Flexibility or adaptability is needed when it comes to surviving these up and coming times. 

Anything can happen anywhere, and basically anything can happen. One must be ready. None of us have all the facts but alot of people like to use the term living in the moment. The only way one can truly live in the moment is to be ready for anything. If you can only live in a capitalist system, if you can only live in the city, you can only live with one type of people, you only know one spiritual system that no matter what you have been told you are not living in the moment.  Survival skills like alternative energy(solar panels, windmills), living in tune with nature(how many have gone camping, hiking, have lived without running or hot water, etc), how many know how to use a gun,  and we can think of countless other types of survival skills people look over. 

As for PTism or what some people now call the new rich. How many people can live in diffferent countries, know different language, know about investing in gold, silver, different currencies, being able to become invisible to the powers that be.  THese are skills one must have to survive the new world. So it is not just about getting a passport it is about being able to actually live in different countries and not stick out. Its not about just learning a new language it is about really learning new cultures and learning it so well the people of those cultures claim you as one of their own.  Ptism is really about creating homes away from homes and homes you can run to anytime you need. Even if it is forever. Obviously when I talk homes I am talking different countries. The thing is for most who have not done this before it may seem strange or hard.  Honestly it is not hard at all. The internet is a tool most have access to, you can learn about countries and cultures on the internet without even setting foot in them. Survival skills is a little different, I mean you can learn how to make a camp fire on the internet but you will probably need hands on experience.  The first step is to desire more, to desire freedom. No one can give you freedom you have to want it. If someone gives you power, it always comes with a price or conditions. Yet when you live off the grid and no longer need the electric company, you grow your own food,  they no longer control the education of your children, they no longer control when you sick and when you are better. This is the first step to freedom. Awareness is the first thing you need when it comes to survival instincts. Whether you are in the board room, the streets, a new country, or in the jungle you must be aware in order to survive and prosper. Increased awareness is the key or hidden element that goes along with the tools I am talking about(PTism, survival skills) so hopefully this is one small step in your journey to reclaim your life back.. 

Posted on February 1, 2011 .