Saphitie Buddhism Can It Be Applied To Earth?


Saphitie Buddhism a type of buddhism that originated on another planet. Parasha was an evolutionary type planet that still exist in the milkway. The saphities are a warrior race that equates survival skills with enlightnment. To a saphitie you could not become a guru unless you were a warrior first. THough Lucas was a buddha at one time who existed 5,000 years before Gautama. The key differences between Lucas's and Gautama's buddhism is small but still noticeable.

Instead of renouncing the illusion of reality, saphities renounce fear. TO a saphitie you can still be ignorant of some aspects of reality but still ascend because your intentions were good.Humans were and still are ignorant about some of the higher dimensions but can still ascend if they put their hearts into it. Yet you cannot ascend if you have fear. Fear leads to many different emotions whether you are talking about envy, jealously, envy most of these negative emotions stem from fear.  Like earth's shinotism saphities do not really care about words so much as actions. So body languages, studying tones of voice are taught to young children, and a saphitie tries to establish a pattern in your behavior when he or she first meets you. Most of the time when you break your pattern, there is a chance that ego is invovled.


In Saphitie buddhism you do not really believe in gods. You believe in principles. You acknowledge the free energy that is can be used by any sentinent being. So your goal is to increase your electirical charge daily. God is seen as the force an ultimate intelligence. Mastering sexual arts was very important to Saphities. Love was seen as the ulimate warfare and you could not be a guru, king, or warrior without mastering the ability to understand the opposite sex. BEcoming one with the innerverse was seen as the ultimate enlightnment.


The Three Noble Truths Of Lucas were

1.) You will always suffer when you resist the will of the force. THe force chooses heroes, villians, civilizations, religions. It choose these things to keep existence moving. When you fail to acknowledge who the force surrounds for that time period you will always suffer. Everybody has their time to shine

2.) Clinging to illusions that make you feel comfortable is always a problem. You were not given a body, soul, and spirit to feel comfortable. You were given these gifts to experience reality, to learn from it, and to be an example to the countless souls watching your life story or experience unfold.

3.) Innerverse: always look inside yourself first for answers. As you are your own universe. Get to know the intelligences in your body as well as the ideas that you imagination gives birth to. Because they also have life as well.


Many people want to tell you about things from other worlds that sound flashy but I rather tell you about religions, customs, and the more simple things in life. THink how the whole world benefited from exchanging different relgious ideas, cultural ideas, ethnic ideas, I will try to do the same thing but on a different level(planetary, universal

Posted on January 16, 2010 .