Saviours By Louis Smith

There was a Time when the Origional people Dwelled in Peace. For these Countless Years and Before the Arrival of the Light Skined Races The World as we know it was at a time of Calm, and Peace. Everyone worked Together. Everyone had a telaphatic Sense of knowing. Now Im going too quote the bible here. In one Part of the book it explains when we get into heaven and how we will know people. It says that When we get too heaven, we will automatically know who everyone is. We will know All. This would mean that We would reconize our Families; Even too the point where if one had a miss carriage or an abortion we would reconize that person has our own. Yet we are Not allowed too marry, because by the Grace of GOD we would be already married too the Son of GOD. Now Squash all of the Christan/Heaven Stuff. Let's talk on the New heaven and New Earth. In the bible it also states in the TIMES of tribulation, and after the divine times of the mark of the beast, the Lord will come back. then we will reign forever more. This doesn't explain it too clear because it also says that after the 1000 year reign on this new heaven and new earth. The People will Accend up too Heaven too live, but at the same time with this New Earth in the Picture now. no one will be here too inhabit the place.

Over the course of time, since the beginning of Pieces. There was a Saviour for Each breaking Point in Time. I come too Understand that there were a Total of 7 saviors. The purpose of these Saviors, was too Comfort our people in the times of missery and Oppression. The First Saviour too Comfort the people, came out of what we call today, India. This man was Born when India was at the Center of the Black world during the time the light skined races were Dominating and Taking Over. Ever Since his time, There has been a particular Saviour that's been Birthed every 1000 years. The Second Saviour another 1000 years later was born in the country we call today Pakistan. This First 6000 years when the ancestors was repeatedly, and at the centers of there Civlizations in a constaint Change. Moving from place too place They Moved North into pakistain, Then Switched Completely after a couple millenia too south and Centeral America. Millienias Later, They Once again Moved too Asia, Kemet, The Middle East, Sumer " Or Iraq Known Today", too make note of this. Iraq was the Became the Capital of the World in its Time. The Third Saviour was Born at time among the black people. he taught his generation about thier origions and the origions of the light Races. He Then For casted the Particular Era the Light Race was Supposed too End. What we call the mayans today, Then transcribed it into a tablet stoned called the Mayan Calander. 

After Time, many Migrated too a Place what we call Afraka today. So bacically this right there is saying, That Afraka, was the last Settlement the Black People Choose too Keep there Culture alive in. The First Mahdi or "Savior" was a Black man by the name of rama. Long After he passed, The Hindu's began too worship Him has the The Incarnation of Vishnu Based on his Legend. Rama, Just like the First Mahdi taught Only truth, and History about the Ancestors. The Second Mahdi was Named Zarathustra. He Also was recorded as Zorro or Zoraster in Persian legends. The Persians started a religion based on his legend ansdcalled it Zoroastrianism. As with All Zorro's and Rama's Teachings They were Corrupted by the Supreamist. As you already know, Today's Modern religions are corruptions of the first 6 Saviors. Hindusim/Buddism, Christainty, Zorastriasm, Judism, Islam, and Native American Worship.

The Third Saviour Was a Blackman by the Name of Quetzal " He was the One who Inscribed the 2012 situation" The One Who No This isnt the Quetzalcoatl. This Light man came some Millenia later. he was reviered to the Native Americans of his Time Frame. " There Were the White Men Instead We Know of today". The Legend of Quetzal was so strong the White Ruler was named after him Therefore you have the Name Quezalcoati, Which Means " Pale Skin" Quetzal or White.." Thats from the Racist Perspective. the true Light the One and Only Quetzal Spoke of was Truth and Fact. With all of these Figures that came and taught truthand had been corrupted. You had Jesus, Whose real name was Yesua Ben Yusuf. This is his Aramaic name. Aramaic and the Hebrew Alphabet are simiular but pronounced differently. Moseswas a pure black kemetian man. Strong in language and Culture. His name can be Aproximated as Mosa. This is the Closest and Most accurate approximation because the name is common amongst most Southern Afrakan tribes. It means the same thing now has it did in the Past. MOSA means "MERCY". Mosa and Yesuha Ben Yusuf were Both saviors, and also there teachings have been corrupted too suit the Corrupter's needs in their lifetime. The Teachings of Fard and Elijah Muhhammad would also be Tarnished in Due Corse. They would be the Last Two Saviors. 

In Closing. If any have Felt Offended Due too me Stating that the Light races Are all Evil. Im only Pointing out Only too the Ones who Choose, and Still Choose too Corruprt the Natural Ideas of the Black man. And Me has a Black Man Knowing the Things I overstand that we are all equal has one Body. Yes I know your a Young Race of People. But you Guys share what we have as well. This is Thought, Blood, Speech, walk, too Have sex, eat and swim. I find it really Pathetic that the Supremiast out there choose too Drag Everyone Into thier Destruction, whether it be the red skined, yellow, Skined, Brown, or Light. They all want Us too Perish With them. I only Say this too the Evil ones out there. GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!

By Louis Smith


Posted on May 27, 2011 .