Survival 101: Activation Of Your Survival Instincts

Survival 101 are articles that will attempt to give the reader a solid foundation into the preparation and planning of survival. The goals of these articles will be to inspire the reader to prepare a survival plan for thyself,and family. These articles are not designed to fight a revolution, to fight an insane race war, combat the government in which you live, create Navy seals or Swat team members. This will be a guide for the average person with no agenda other than short term and long term survival for self and family.

Mental preparation.
When one thinks of Survival 95% of survival is related to preparation. When you are preparing your survival plan it should be built similar to building any sturdy structure. Structures start with a design in the mind of the Architect. The foundation and frame of the building becomes the skeleton for the entire construction. Build a weak frame and the weight of the materials used to enclose the structure will cause structural collapse,take short cuts with your survival plan and people will die.
This is the same with survival and creating a survival plan, build your survival plan on limited information, lack of preparation, limited intel and you and those who rely on you will die. This is said not for the purposes of fear but to drive home the importance of having a solid plan in place and act as if your life depended on it, as it just may depend it.

One of the first mental impediments that one encounters in a survival situation is that your personal belief systems,religious, moral, and spiritual ideas will be challenged.

Example you are a Muslim and you don't eat pork, you are in a survival situation there is no other food source. In America there is a Wild Boar population explosion throughout the south. Your body needs to maintain protein intake on a daily basis for survival. Can you kill and eat the pig, would you be able to feed swine to your children?

Example#2 You are a vegetarian, a pacifist, someone who believes it is morally wrong to kill another animal to nourish your body, but society has broken down, there are no farms, society has been reduced to eat or be eaten, could you kill an animal for your survival (a stray pet or farm animal),could you feed it to your children even though you have raised them to be vegetarian and it is against your moral compass. Would you be able to do it?

You are in dire situation , you come an upon a house where the occupants are deceased in the home. You can see the house was well stocked with food items and supplies, but you can also see the bodies of the deceased bodies of the family laid across the floor. Children, parents,pets, and grandparents. In a survival situation would you be able to go into that house to get the supplies out for the sake of the people who are alive with you. Ask yourself, can you do this without breaking down mentally.
I say these things not to say your beliefs are wrong or incorrect, but to say that depending on the situation, you may have to put those beliefs aside for the purpose of survival.

I will end this article with a discussion of awareness color codes. In your previous life in the matrix you may have operated in state of ignorance and bliss but once you knew it wasn't real, you could no longer go back the to same thinking patterns. Likewise with survival planning once you began to think in terms of survival you can no longer go back to being among the sheep, you are not a wolf either but a sheep dog, it is you that will help yourself and ultimately others because you will be the go to person where ever you may find yourself when any situation hits that may require you expertise and preparation.

Lets start with Mental Awareness. Are you Mentally aware? Most are not, we will go into Mental awareness codes and for now on you use these codes as a tool to adapt to any situation quickly. These codes are used by Law enforcement and Military units to assist one with adapting to situations rapidly.

The First Code is ; code White
• You feel secure, whether or not you are actually safe.
• Awareness is switched off.
• You are unaware of your environment, its inhabitants, and their rituals of attack.
• All attackers look for victims in this state.

Code Yellow
• You are cautious. You should spend most of the time in this state.
• Awareness is switched on.
• State of threat awareness and relaxed alertness.
• You have a 360-degree peripheral awareness of such environmental danger spots as secluded doorways, entries, and alleys, as well as such psychological triggers as adrenal dump and attacker ruses. Be aware of people, vehicles, behind large objects, dark areas, etc.

Code Orange
• You are in danger. You are aware of a potential threat.
• State of threat evaluation.
• Specific alert. A possible target has been identified. A particular situation that has drawn your attention and could present a major problem. Someone may be giving oral indicators such as direct threats or using suspicious language. Focus on the potential attacker.
• Check to see if there is an avenue of escape, potential weapons available, and if others around you are friend or foe.
• Decision is made to take action.

Code Red
• You are in conflict.
• State of threat avoidance.
• Fight or flight. Flee, defend, or attack. You have evaluated the situation, and if there is a threat, you prepare to fight or run.
• Never stand or fight if there is a possibility of fleeing.
• Carry out decision to act made in Code Orange. You don't have to think; no indecision on the course of action; you are prepared.
• If use of physical self-defense techniques is necessary, use the level of force appropriate to the threat. E.g., don't treat someone who pushes you because he is rude like someone who is trying to stab you with a knife.

These codes are used as measure of your mental state in any situation. From this day forward always be in the state of Yellow. Never in the state of White. In Code Yellow one can move faster to the codes of Orange and Red if occasion arises. If you are caught in Code White, you are caught off guard and in a survival situation this will most likely end in bodily harm or death. Though out your day and when you function in society learn to operate in code Yellow, become more aware of your surroundings, your mental state,how are you feeling?, the people around you. Use these codes as a guide and see if you began to see things in a different light. 

Peace be unto to you
Frater KarSudan El Magus.
Posted on May 2, 2011 .