Survival 101 Making a decision to leave or stay, creating your extended survival network.

In making a decision to stay or leave will depend on the your survival readiness, preparation, available resources in your surrounding area, competition for available resources in your area and if you belong to an established group at your home base.

If you are in a situation where you are prepared for multiple scenarios and you belong to a local group that has done the same, then this article may not apply to you. As if you belong to a survival readiness group things such as roles, positions, responsibilities, extreme situational planning would have been worked out by the team well in advance. 
If you don't belong to a group and have very little survival set up in your home or feel that due to the size of your city, resources would be stressed. You will need to look for extended networks outside your area and will have to move during a crisis. This does not mean that local survival groups will not have to relocate, it just means that moving or getting out of your environment will be a major part of your survival plan.

When forming a survival group these are skills that will be important to the group.

1)Someone who can use fire arms and understand defense and security tactics, Gun smithing and ability to make bullets. Someone who has been trained in a military or paramilitary organization. No Hero's or paintball enthusiasts. This part is very important, as the ability to understand warfare strategy, map reading, stealth ability and tactical thinking will determine if you live or die.

2)Someone who is skilled at medicine management and first aid care. example; Paramedics, Nurses, Doctors.

3)Someone who is skilled at building shelters or understands the process of building temp or permanent structures. Carpenters, Electrical wiring, plumbing, architects, concrete workers, brick masons.

4)Someone who can work with metal, iron smith, welders would be very important.

5)Hunter Gathering communities always proceed farming communities, so you will need to have someone that has knowledge of how to live off the land; build fires from scratch, Hunting-small/Large game, fishing-salt /fresh water and gathering wild edible plants and fruit. Healing with Herbs and natural remedies.

6) Someone who has auto repair skills , engine repair, transmission repair. electrical repair. A senior level mechanic.

7)Someone who knows or specializes in using amateur radio for communication or any other forms of communication off the grid. Morse code users, Computer savvy.

8)Last you will need someone who is skilled at some form of entertainment, singing, music, story teller because Psychology studies have indicated that the ability to get one to forget about their current situation is important for mental stability and group moral.

These types of groups exist in your community. If you have not researched any, now would be a good time to look into what is available in your community. If you lack these skills now would be the time to pick one up and master it because it will make you valuable as survival groups generally don't bother with people with no applicable skills.

If you find that these groups are closed to new members or you are in a community that this does not exist, you will have to look outside of your area for these types of groups. If you join one outside of your area, then quick movement outside of your environment will have to be apart of your survival strategy. If you are in a very organized and prepared group, you should completed drills to determine how long it would take everyone to leave their cities and meet at the rendezvous point.

So these are the litmus tests to determine if movement will be apart of your survival strategy.
If you are in area that due to over population and limited resources or lack of an establish survival group, then movement will be apart of your survival plan.

If you belong to a group that is outside your area, then movement will be apart of your survival plan.

In part 4- Final, will shall discuss your survival gear and firearm safety and techniques. and check list.

Frater KarSudan El Magus

Posted on August 4, 2011 .