Survival 101- The Final Article By Frater KarSudan El Magus

This article will discuss simple survival gear and basic firearm safety and how choose a handgun correctly.

For basic survival this here is a basic list of things that you should have ready at all times in your home.

A basic military issue backpack with metal frame. If not military issue at least extremely durable quality and definitely built on some kind of frame for extended walking and travel.
In the bag is should include at least 3 days worth of clothing, and all weather jacket, this should be based on your location. Cloths based on your environment. includes;Pants, no shorts, under garments, socks, a hat to block out sun; tactical shades.
A extra pair of hiking shoes or boots.

Survival knife; example Gerber LMF-II INFANTRY KNIFE or for people on a budget a Bear Gryllys ultimate survival knife is all in one and good choice.
Parachute chord
Several magnesium fire starters
small first aid kit. 
KA008 Digital Emergency Radio
MRE or small collection of survival freeze dried food.
Water filtration bottle
Rothco Military Water Purification Tablets.
Simple gas mask.
Fishing line and hooks.
A Simple single man tent.

If you have a dog, it should be a breed that has been used in the past to help people in survival or exploration situations. You should not bring any pets with you that can't assist you in a survival situation as they can become a extra mouth to feed and a liability. Toy dogs would fit this description.

This would be the basic list; If you have vehicle set up for survival, you can include
Gallons tanks to hold water and gas.
add on would include larger tent set ups, sleeping bags.

Gun selection basics. 
Many people have limited or no firearm knowledge or training. Military or paramilitary trained people are actually the minority. It is important in firearm selection that you choose a weapon that fits your level of expertise.
The shotgun that I choose for survival situation that anyone can learn to shoot is the Mossberg Shotgun 590. These shotguns are sturdy and are easily available and can get the message across that you mean business. Research this shotgun and see if it is something that you should have in your arsenal.

Hand Guns are a different beast. I believe that for person with very limited firearm experience. A double action only or DOA type of pistol would be the safe bet to go with. What is a DOA style pistol? It is a pistol with starts with a heavy trigger pull to get the first round off and converts in the Single action trigger pull after the initial discharge. This is useful because it aids with preventing accidental discharge or if you ever in a situation where someone trying to wrestle for your weapon. Remember all guns are loaded even when there is no round or cartridge in the weapon. Learn how to break down and clean your shotgun and chosen handgun.

The guns that I chose for survival would be;

Beretta DOA-40 cal
Revolvers of at least 45 caliber

I would stay away from these weapons unless you have at least several hundreds of hours in training
All single action only guns
Any assault rifles
Glocks, Smith and Wesson M&P, Sig Sauer

To learn how to shoot effectively you must first know what your eye dominance is.
Exercise; Take both of your hands , form a triangle with you hands. stretch out your arms with the triangle in front of you. Take the form triangle and focus on a distance object, example like the clock on your wall. You should be able to see the clock though your hands forming the triangle. Now bring the triangle to your face. Which ever eye the triangle lands on that is your dominant eye. Your dominant eye will play an important role in anything requiring hitting a target, like shooting or archery.

There are 2 gun stances that are easy to learn and use in shooting, there are many more but we will focus on these 2.

The Weaver stance and the Isosceles stance. When you purchase a firearm ask your instructor to teach you these stances before you move on to any other.

The final inventory and list to use to know if you are prepared.

1).What are the elements of mental preparation

2).What are the four color codes of mental awareness.

3).Do you know about the resources around you, your immediate environment (home, apartment), people, neighbors, and networks.

4).Do you know the nearest source of fresh water.

5).Where is the nearest saltwater body of water nearest to you, what is in it. If you live in a bridge locked city do you have access to a boat. 

6).Where are all the CDC's located in America, Where is the nearest armory.

7).How do you get off an island that is bridge and tunnel locked. Can you get out of you environment on secondary roads or on foot without being detected. Where are safe locations in your country.

8).What is a Secondary location for food beside the local supermarket

9).Could you empty your refrigerator and survive off only things you can catch or grow,right now for one week

10).In business what is a SWOT Analysis, how can this be used in a survival situation or planning.

11).Do you have a survival plan

12).Do you have a survival group

13).What determines if you leave your immediate environment in survival situation.

14).Do you have gear set up and ready to go.

15).Have you receive or about receive firearms training and Martial arts defensive tactics training.

16). Have you completed your survival inventory.

This concludes the survival article series. It is hope that the reader expands on these articles and use it to formulate a viable realistic plan.

Frater KarSudan El Magus.

Posted on August 16, 2011 .