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If You Correct Your Energy Problem You Will Survive The Times To Come

Energy is a concept that most people have an opinion on when you mention. Whether they think of it as a source of life, food, spirit or even god something always registers in your mind when you hear the word. Yet if we were thinking in our purest form the only word we would know is energy. Food, spiritual powers, love, air, emotions, race, gender, religion, hate, knowledge are all energy in different states.  One of the root problems in the world today is that we no longer think of ourselves in our pure form we have gotten caught up with the illusion.  So because of that we are having a real power shortage or lack of energy.
So this effects us in everything from diet, to lower vibratory relationships, lower vibratory religions that give our allegiances to parasitic deities , to even living in locations where the grid system is off and we are losing energy from the landmasses robbing us. At one time we knew how to build structures(houses, cities) that harnessed power or even if it did not harness power it did not block energy from coming to us. We have lost this art today. Lack of energy is what causes us to build cities of metal and to eat with metal folks(killing or disrupting the energy in our food) instead of building cities from material that allow a free follow of energy. There were scientist who discovered that if you put a seed in a metal container of a long period of time it actually disrupts the metals electrical charge. The same thing happens to our chi or prana when we live with metal and or electronics. People talk about vitamins and minerals when it comes to nutrition but you will hardly here them talk about energy, enzymes and life foods,.
If you boil a seed it still has the same minerals and vitamins in it but it loses its enzymes and energy. So then if you put that seed in the ground it can no longer grow. The same with food and the same with our energy body(our aura). Everything is about free energy. The gods people believe in are actually energy waiting to be harnessed. Most of the time when we have a problem it is always from a lack of energy. Disease? Definitely because a lack of energy(usually bad diet, bad air, unclean water, lower vibratory thoughts).  Lack of awareness or lost in the matrix? That is from a lack of energy. If one is fully charged one sees things like spirits, feels the connection between nature, a post of energy even gives people so called supernatural powers. Ascension? Not being able to ascend or take memories after death is totally because of a lack of energy. When you ascend you are able to take different frequencies and hold them in your aura, just having the ability to hold them produces a major surplus of energy. Like how movement from water and air could be transformed into usable electricity. 
This is why I decided to stop with the debates and just get into energy. If you philosophy cannot generate power or does not understand how energy works then I move on to the next. The ability to harness the free energy that the creator left for all of us will help us move on as individuals and as a civilization into the next century.
Posted on January 6, 2011 .