The Ego Warrior‏

Many people know that ego is dangerous when it is not healed or balanced. But what a lot of people do not understand is that our ego is also a safety mechanism which tries to help protect us from reliving or undergoing a dramatic experience within the matrix (third dimension reality). In a sense, the ego is like an internal warrior, which is a separate personality from our higher self.  The higher self (god/goddess within) learns, accepts and grows from our experience, while the ego warrior absorbs emotional wounds in contrast. And because the ego must always go to battle until it is evolved, it is important to to re balance and heal the ego before it's next battle is fought.  And just like a real warrior, we have the choice if we want our ego to be honorable and loyal like a  Samaria, or if we want our ego to be a ruthless  'trigger happy' solider.


When the ego warrior is originally born within our lives, it is vulnerable and pure like a child. Through life experiences, the pure ego adapts into it's nature.  For an example, if a person was bullied, beat up or looked down upon in society, the ego will develop a safety mechanism from that experience. The safety mechanism  is usually manifested via a person's believe system. Therefore, a person can believe that they must act, be, or not trust certain people for protection. Just as the ego can create a belief system that they are not worthy of certain luxuries in life. These different types of belief systems can be applied to any positive and negative experiences in our lives. It is important to  realize that the belief system manifested from our ego is not good or bad. It is merely a reflection of a person's perception of how they feel they should adapt and protect themselves from others. 

The ego warrior can  become dangerous, however, when it is creating/protecting and reacting from the emotion of fear. Fear is the emotions that can make the ego become over protective of itself. Therefore,  the ego can  becomes very selfish and feel separated from others. This is when the  'Me verses them' mentality manifests into reality. In this sense, it becomes very arrogant and cocky and ready and willing to attack anyone who it feels is a threat to their identify or personality while not taking responsibility for their actions. Yes, the ego seems very confident in this state, but it is only a disguise to hide the internal wounds.


But it is never too late for healing. We can  overcome and heal our ego, with time of solitude, isolation and admitting to our self that we are not perfect. Because it is YOU who truly knows the pains of  your life and your manifested belief systems. Only through analyzing, reflecting,  learning, and observing yourself can we learn to heal ourselves. Looking within may not be easy, however, because this pushes us to be honest with ourselves and to face our fears . But the only way to battle fear, is to battle it head on. Once you do that, you will realize it is not as bad as you think. Then you can transform your ego and your reactions if you feel the need. Once  you feel that the ego warrior is more like a samurai, it will be honorable and loyal to your higher self (god/goddess) within. And in this union you will have the strength to be warrior when needed combined with  spirituality at the same time. A perfect union for with you path to ascension.


By Makalesi Rodan
Posted on December 24, 2010 .