The Keys to your Astral Body By Carl Sain


Being able to astral travel is an amazing gift/tool to have. You can access information, meet different being and be able to be one step ahead of the game here on earth. To gain control over this ability takes time, diligence and practice. A lot of people don’t realize that dreams are the first steps to astral traveling. Depending on how much you dream ,you might be ready and able to astral travel. Dreams are a good indicator of where you’re at spiritually and energetically. So a person who isn’t spiritual is less likely to have lucid dream or dreams at all compared to someone who is spiritual in most cases but there are some people who are more kundalini force sensitive than others regardless. There are 3 main steps.

To begin the first step to your astral body is cleaning your channels. Cleaning your channels is very important. When your channels are blocked it stops the flow of energy to your chakras. In the membership section we have a video explaining how to do this. Next you want to clean and charge up your chakras. This is also important. When you astral travel you actually push and project yourself out of a certain chakra. So if these things aren’t taken care of the less chance you have at success.

The second step is gaining more energy. A lot of the time people who don’t have dreams or forget their dreams don’t have enough juice. It’s like being able to drive to the store and running out of gas on the way back. Doing the first step also helps you be able to absorb energy faster and easier. You can get energy from breathing exercises, different types of yoga, alchemy (membership section), and of course a healthy natural lifestyle can factor in on your success like anything else. There is free energy all around us, one just has to utilize it. I personally do kundalini yoga before I go to bed, stimulating your kundalini and then relaxing as you fall asleep allows it to do its work without interference from your ego mind.

The third step is projecting. Now that your channels are cleaned and chakras cleaned and charged we can start to move energy into them and out. There are several ways your experience could happen. It could happen during meditation. It could happen during sleep without any effort, or it can happen while waking up from sleep. In any case stay calm and focus. You may feel sensations such as: vibrating, bliss, buzzing, floating, or falling. All are good signs you’re in the stages of projecting. This part is crucial; you want to pick a chakra to project through. Sometimes a chakra might be activating on its own waiting for you to will it, but if not then focus on the heart chakra or the 3rd eye chakra. Imagine the color of the chakra and it getting more intense and radiate. As this happens you may feel bliss, enjoy it and continue. As it increases you will not even notice yourself leaving your body.


This is where the fun and discovery begins.

(If you are still having trouble projecting calling on a deity that you trust via mantra/strotra/prayer can help,but even better calling on your animal spirits can help as well. Animal spirits are pure in form and intent, they have no personal goal or agenda)


By: Carl Sain




Posted on February 4, 2011 .