The New Age Community, The Conscious Community, And Demoralization

As I sitting here and looking at the state of the world this is truly an exciting time. We are coming out of the dark ages(kali yoga) and we are entering a new age. The gods or ruling powers of the age we are coming out of(the satanists. materialists, and futurist) know that their time is up but these groups are master chess players. Earth is an evolutionary planet that has gone through this story again and again. Everything that has happened in the planets history was supposed to happen both good and bad, it was all part of a divine plan. So in a lot of ways the reason why the general population has had problems overthrowing their oppressors or even seeing past the illusion of the matrix fully, because the general population still does not understand why we are all here. You cannot fight an external battle unless you understand what is going inside yourself internally. 

Life is a school a game. The moment you treat it as anything different you already lost. Once you know that it is a game then you will realize the only thing the game and the forces that run it(invisible forces, goddesses/gods, higher powers, etc) care about is the game continuing. The only way for it to continue is for it to evolve and adapt. So the first and only true law is the law of survival.  Evolving and adapting are the secret companions of this law(of survival). So when you get stories like the story of Noah where the world was destroyed a lot of these stories are symbolic the changing of ages. Where rulership goes from one set of gods/goddesses to another.

When this happens cultures, religions, and whole civilizations die out. This is why we have to struggle so hard to remember Atlantis and as hard as it is to remember Atlantis outside of Lemuria it is a rare thing to have any other empire mentioned. There were other civilizations of that time period but they are completely forgotten. I mean I do not think 10 million years from now China(the last remaining of the ancient empires) would be remembered either it is just part of cycle of existence.  Yet the current powers that be(current state of human ego) know that since the same cycle will happen again all they have to do is wait their time to retake power(human ego is a tricky entity). The PTB(powers that be, your ego-internal meaning) sets up phony movements(civil, metaphysical, cultural) and religions to give you the illusion that you are succeeding when in reality you are really doing no such thing. So now you have conspiracy writers becoming mainstream(i will mention no names) but of the reason why that is, is because most of these people actually work or are being manipulated by the PTB.

Sure many have said this before but what a lot of people who have said this before do not realize is, it is almost everyone. Not just the biggest and most famous conspiracy writers, teachers, or gurus but nearly everyone. Why is this ? Because our teachers have us looking in the wrong direction. When you try and just increase someones knowledge you are still leaving out the two most important elements one needs to address. The ego and the lack of energy(the power outage). These two problems are the real keys to how the matrix runs. Because of the wrong direction our teachers take us in, they tend to get brushed aside. So the PTB(ego) hides behind the illusion of defeat and surrender when in reality it is plotting to retake control.  They will get control because lack of knowledge is a problem yes but it is not the biggest problem. Remember when humanity was in its most pure form it didn't have books, or an internet. We just tap into the universal and earth consciousness and just remembered whatever fact we needed to know.  Our intuition(right brain) ruled over our left brain(intellect). When the PTB/Ego took over they made it more about knowledge, then about wisdom/intuition. So then they could control the knowledge and then dictate who receives the knowledge. Thereby keeping control over the planet(internally symbolic of us looking outside of ourselves for answers)

They are currently doing this right now with two main groups the new age community(mostly whites) and the conscious community(a nickname for the African-American metaphysical community in America). Both of these wings have either been set up by the solders of the powers that be(intelligence community) or are being manipulated by them. One way this is done, is that the PTB use these two groups to actually exaggerate their power(the PTB). Every set of deities is given a time to rule and the PTB time has been up for  awhile but the general population does not have the will to rule themselves. There are several reasons for this.

1.) Food sources have been corrupted. Most of us are hooked on food that is not even really food. This is one of the primary reasons we do not have enough energy. Remember the more energy you have the more of reality reveals itself to you. To be fair the conscious community addresses this problem much better then their new age counterparts. 

2.) We are to extreme. We either only deal with the internal or only deal with the external. Of course only dealing with the internal is far better then only dealing with the external, but it is still not the highest level. We have been taken out of our indigenous cultures, but most importantly our indigenous mind set as well. As indigenous peoples we knew that blended with our environment is just as important as knowing ourselves.(inner selves). Now the egomaniacs will tell you once you know yourself then you know your environment. That is true only on a certain level. Mystics in the last ten to fifteen years have begun to see that there are much higher dimensions, universes, and chakras that we never knew we had. Part of this is because the intelligences that run the world have kept a lot from us. Even the so called positive intelligences.  Humanity(well at least some of us) are actually the parents of the gods. Both sets of gods ranging from the so called positive deities to the so called negative deities. There are much more then nine dimensions, and yes there are realms of existence that have been cut off from us(universes). Though we can feel better and feed our egos by saying it is only one universe, even if that is true you have to learn about the parts to truly overstand the whole. We need to get back to blending in with our environment(plant, animal spirits, the ancestors). How many teachers you know really teach people about those things? You have plenty of teachers spitting their theories and saying their pretty poetry. One thing the general population needs to understand is that this whole reality is an illusion, so everything everyone is saying is a theory. Some are obsessed with history but even that is an illusion as well. After all even that changes as the past, present and future are always changing. how many light workers(new age teachers) will say good and bad is an illusion but then have their followers scared of the dark. How many in the conscious community would say the white man is the devil but then say the devil and god are to sides of the same coin? 

3.) Lack of knowledge on how intelligence agencies work. Intelligence agencies or community are the foot solders for the powers that be. Not knowing about them or how they work is basic suicide and the fact that teachers on both sides(both the new age community and the conscious community) do not teach this just tells you all you need to know. When you say illuminati what does that mean exactly? That word does not tell me the problem, it just gets one scared . It is better to describe the ruling parties as the globalist-financial(banking system)-military industrial complex. Who together with their partners the vatican cartel form the so called illuminati. One will see that in actuality this group really controls three things. The vatican(jesuits) control all religions around the world. If you are part of an organized religion rome controls that from Islam to  Egyptology, organized Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. The intelligence agencies control the militaries(because they control the information the military gets), and the banking cartel(including the IMF) has whole economies of nations under control. Yet when you really look at it this is not absolute control. As our lifestyles fuels this. Do people really need to live the life styles most are living? As much as we want to blame economic hit men for destroying global economies if we didn't function as parasites global hit men would not be able to find work.(our egos again). As for religions if people understood what religions really were schools not ways of life, one that eventually you must surpass not stay in that all your life. A lot of conflict will be avoided. The real reason why one must know why intelligence agencies work is because of something called demoralization. The bottom line is the intelligence agencies years ago took over how people are being educated. Because of this process called demoralization people cannot process information anymore. No i don't mean they don't want to hear the truth they cannot even process information period. This is why so many things that are common sense, people find  hard to digest and absorb.Demoralization is basically almost impossible to correct. We in the so called positive side(or the side trying to bring balance to the world) need to start being more professional. When I say professional I don't mean a white collar job, intelligence agencies hate  or love them operate like professionals. They do not let their emotions blind them from seeing their objectives. To many of us do(on the so called positive side). Just look at the petty debates the conscious community gets into in the big picture do you think these groups can handle the organized machine(PTB) they they claim they are fighting. 

4.) Think human society started with the legacy empires. (Sumeria and Kemet). These empires are great and should be honored but humanity started long before these empires. In fact these empires were still started when humanity has been in a state of death(rebirth, death, morality). At one time we didn't need pyramids, we were able in lemurian times to see the rings of Saturn with our naked eye, we were able to teleport, we did not need to eat food the way we do today. At one time even before Lemuria(that is not the beginning either) we did not even need physical bodies we could turn our spirits into matter and go back and forth into the spiritual world without needing to be born. This is what our teachers should be focusing on, yes give respect and learn from the legacy empires but do not treat it like the beginning. We built pyramids, just like we use books and technology today because we started to become more and more material so we needed to create external instruments to help keep our connection to the divine. Just like astrology, numerology, and magic today help us reconnect with the cosmos. 

My message to both the new age community and conscious community is this. The new age community y'all better stop lying to your audience, making them feel good. You can make up all you want about ascended masters, the galactical federation, and other things but the bottom line is this. Yes we all now belong to the same planet and our destiny is now intertwined. But you better give respect to the indigenous culture of the planet(negroids, austrolnoids). As even one of you has confirmed David Wilcock confirmed: (    Now he might have a reason for saying this but the bottom line is you can try to ignore the truth but your followers will pay for that, I say followers because the people teaching new the deal but they have to keep feeding their audience cotton candy.

As for the conscious community will lets put it like this.If you say you are god or the creators then you have to prove it with more then just words. If we have futurists building under ground cities, and they are decoding mysterious on the walls of Egypt, Mexico, etc the bottom line is you need to get your act together and stop this small minded thinking. You cannot go up against a global machine if you can only think about things that happens in America. History is cool and yeah we need it to establish some kind of point of origin but history should not be your mind focus.  Remember the first and only law is evolution. Kemet got destroyed so trying to resurrect it again will only get you a 21st century @ss wiping. 

Posted on October 12, 2010 .