The New Age Matrix

Back when I first started my own journey into spirituality Siris King encouraged me to take a look at other doctrines and philosophies. He did this so I could choose for myself what I most felt cmost omfortable with bring those positives back to the table and incorporate them  along with what he was teaching. Now while looking at different spiritual systems from the Kemetic  to Yoga I stumbled onto the extremely popular new age movement. Here is where I learned that rabbit hole known as the Matrix goes so deep.

A lot of people reading this will think” Hec , What are you talking about, New Age is great!”  Well I am going to make this right statement now that will blow your world: “New Age” is complete bull. Understand that the New Age movement is merely a tool placed by the matrix to snag anyone trying to ascend their mental state to a higher plane but doesn’t really know which road to take yet. Look closely at the principles used in this movement; the most powerful and only verified tools used are all taken from other system. Take for example things like meditation, using crystals and tapping into the universe by saying “Om”(and to be honest with you some of the crystals stuff is bull too).These are all extremely valuable tools but do not originate with the new age system and are only the tip of the iceberg in what you need to do.

“New Age” preaches keeping balance but really makes you one-sided in your philosophy.  The New Age movement focuses so much on love and peace that you actually are not prepared to deal with true negative energies. How can you truly channel negative energy if you don’t truly understand them or the power behind them?  In all honesty the conations they put behind negative and positive makes you think of good and evil; that alongside the love and peace statements makes this new age thing seem eerily similar to certain monotheistic  teachings.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe, if wielded correctly. Peace is great but we truly don’t do what it really takes to achieve it and we aren’t in the age of hippies anymore.  In world where we have knowledge of organizations using magic and money to keep you behind in the game you need to do a lot more then meditate on happy thoughts and shielding yourself  with hearts and flowers.


Hitmen Hec Martinez 

Posted on January 19, 2011 .