The Secret History Of The Black Hebrews


Unknown to most the stories of the bible are just copies of egyptian stories, rewritten. So a lot of the famous bibical characters, are just that characters. Though some like Abraham were definitely real people. There was an egyptian pharaoh called Akhenaten. He wanted to get rid of all the other gods and worship the most powerful god.  So there are some argument whether akhenaten actually left egypt with some of his followers and they became hebrews and he changed his name to moses. Or if moses was an actually high priest of akhenaten and he left egypt with some egyptians who agreed with him. Either way the black hebrews were egyptians who decided to have a new start.

The bible says moses was wise in all the magic of egypt. In fact when he had a staff and turned it into snakes this was egyptian magic, because the israeli  law says the serpent is the devil. Moses was practicing egyptian alchemy and the reason why his magic was stronger then the other egyptian priest is because moses had the backing of the Anunnaki god Enlil.  Enlil was a very jealous god, enlil was known in egyptian as Aten-Re.   Moses and Enlil/Atun-re thought they can take out the passion/bliss/sex part of the spiritual science and create something which was much easier to control the population.(Hathor-the goddess of sex, entertainment). This is why the 7 african powers is related to the 7 arch angels but the 7 arch angels do not have female counterparts.  This is why in the end even the moses/enlil side is beginning to realize the enki(ptah)/marduk(thoth) side was correct in their teachings of kundalini.


Obviously knew the kundalini sciences himself he just thought they were to dangerous to teach the regular hebrews(ex-egyptians). So the hebrews became their own kingdom sometimes working with the other egyptians and sometimes not. When egypt fell to the persians, then later the greeks and romans. These black hebrews did a better job maintaining the original sciences.  The hebrews were mixing with other semitic peoples so they went from black to mulatto over time. Then a group from central asia who are connected to the rothschilds and other illuminati families saw that the hebrews had the most preserved science outside of the indians and the chinese. So they pretended to convert to the hebrew religion but then took it over time. Some hebrews saw this coming and they went into west africa(nigeria,ghana, senegal, north african nations).  This helped the moorish empire a lot as they fused all the remaining sciences with this new hebrew religion. So when this new group of europeans became hebrews, they changed their names from hebrews to jews. The kabbalah system that was created by moses was actually african/egyptian sciences in written form. As before this african sciences were orally passed on. The hebrews who went to west african mixed with the populations there.

Posted on February 18, 2010 .